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3D Jewelry With Makoo Jewels

3D Jewelry By You

Makoo Jewels

Makoo Jewels is an Italian Start-Up comprised of a small team of creative thinkers who have made an innovative online software targeted for use with 3D Printers. To say that the Makoo Jewels’ software is user friendly is the epitome of an understatement. Makoo gives you the ability to design your own 3D Jewelry by simply speaking! Makoo’s software uses the “emotional content” of a persons voice to create the base design for their 3D Jewelry; it uses the

by Makoo Jewels

intensity of your voice, emphasis on parts of speech, such as consonants, and other aspects to best capture what is in your minds eye and display it as digital 3D Jewelry which can then be provided to a 3D Printer to made into physical jewelry. Using the emotional content rather than actual words means Makoo can work for you no matter what language you speak! After Makoo uses your voice to create the base for you jewelry you can further customize by adjusting the height,width, and torsion (curve) of your creation. The Makoo software is still in its testing phase but you can look at a demonstration of the software in the short video below. You can visit Makoo on their home page where you can sign up for their newsletter. You can also stay up-to-date by visiting Makoo Jewels on Facebook.

Happy Jeweling!

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