UC Berkeley Makes An Artistic Structure From 3D Printed Cement Blocks

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Last month, a UC Berkeley research team demonstrated the potential for 3D Printing and architectural applications. The team, led by associate architecture professor, Ronald Rael, constructed the largest recorded structure built using 3D Printed cement blocks which were individually Printed … Read More

Makers Local 256: Huntsville’s First Nonprofit Hackerspace

Makers Local 256 Huntsville‘s First Nonprofit Hackerspace Makers Local is an organization for nonprofit Hackerspaces and have established what we expect to be their first of many locations, in Huntsville, Alabama. If you aren’t sure what a Hackerspace is, they … Read More

Robotic Automobile Welder Transformed Into A 3D Printer!

Robotic 3D Printer Arm Automobile Manufacturing Robot Changes Careers Joris Laarman is a designer who transformed an automated welding machine used for car manufacturing into a Robotic 3D Printer that can draw lines in mid-air and without the need for … Read More

New Line Of Rugged High Performance Extruders From DGlass3D

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DGlass3D (D3D) Gives Their Extruder’s A Super Upgrade! Extreme Performance HPX-Line Extruders Last year we told you about two innovative 3D Printer Extruder’s that would allow you to significantly increase the Print speed of your 3D Printer and to 3D … Read More

The F-F-Fiddle Is An Open Source 3D Printed Violin

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The F-F-Fiddle: (Fused Filament Fabrication) Fiddle An Open Source 3D Printed Violin 3D Printing continues to unleash the creativity of thousands of people around the world. David Perry and friend, Dan Nicholson, have developed an Open Source violin (fiddle). David … Read More

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